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May Dance IN PS 39 BROOKLYN NY 196?

This may not be a (May Dance) this is a video of a dance celebration in park slope brooklyn ny @ PS 39 around 1960…in the school yard, the school is located on 8th street and 6th ave ….if any one remembers anyne point it out in the comments,,and pass it on , there are a lot of kids as well as parents that are visible look 5/ 7???i just know its not me it my brother Johns class i may not even have been born. after more research i can only think of PS 154 in Windsor Terrace where we lived for a few years …dont know.. i am basing it more on the back ground walls and fencing present in the video.. which is where we use to play ball all day at 39s……..


Commercial for The Park Slopian.

A little commercial for The Park Slopian. The video in this  was taken in 1962 at the Prospect Park band shell, it is me, mom,dad, sisters and brother

(Needs to be watched in full screen) .